Vladivostok: The Russian Detroit

Life In The Freezer (2001): Russia's far-flung eastern outpost was once proud and thriving -- headquarters to a superpower's awesome Pacific fleet. Now it's a broken down and dismal place, gripped by savage cold. Vladivostok has just suffered the worst winter in 50 years.

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Sovyet Dönemi Gulag kampları (Film)

(Amur Nehri Demiryolu köprüsü, 1994 )

Железнодорожный мост через реку Амур

Yuzhno Sakhalinsk‎ / 2009 / Railway Travel (RZD, Vzmorie, Tomari)

About 30% of all inland transport volume is carried by the island's railways, most of which are organized as the Sakhalin Railway (Сахалинская железная дорога), which is one of the 17 territorial divisions of the Russian Railways.

The Sakhalin Railway network extends from Nogliki in the north to Korsakov in the south. Sakhalin's railway has a connection with the rest of Russia via a ferry operating between Vanino and Kholmsk.

As of 2004, the railways are only now being converted from the Japanese 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) gauge to the Russian 1,520 mm (4 ft 11 27⁄32 in) gauge.[24][25] The original Japanese D51 steam locomotives were used by the Soviet Railways until 1979.

Besides the main network run by the Russian Railways, until December 2006 the local oil company (Sakhalinmorneftegaz) operated a corporate narrow-gauge 750 mm (2 ft 5 1⁄2 in) line extending for 228 kilometers (142 mi) from Nogliki further north to Okha (Узкоколейная железная дорога Оха — Ноглики). During the last years of its service, it gradually deteriorated; the service was terminated in December 2006, and the line was dismantled in 2007–2008.

История открытия и исследования Сахалина .
Путь к океану (О строительстве дороги Комсомольск - Советская Гавань 1943-45 гг.)

Sakhalin Adası,Eldar Ryazanov 1954

Zhukovskiy City of Moscow Region in /1973

Городской транспорт Твери 2007/ Tver city passenger transport 2007

Видеофильм о пассажирском общественном транспорте Твери. Для тех кому интересен общественный транспорт. Tram, trolleybus, the bus of the ancient Russian city of Tver located on the top Volga.. Street shootings.